Hodges SOILEAU ✿

sarà stata solo
una primavera
forse una chimera
dei giorni migliori miei...

~ Catherine La Rose©2019 ~
tratto da un'inedita

American Plein Air painter Hodges Soileau is a native of Southwest Louisiana with a career that has taken him to live in many parts of the country. His Cajun accent is all but gone, but his cultural ties remain strong. His most successful 25 year illustration career has presented him with opportunities to work with major publishing houses in New York City gracing the covers of more than 300 books. Hodges was a 23 year member of the prestigious Society of Illustrators in New York City. During this time, he received many citations of merit for work exhibited in annual shows. He was selected to execute the painting for the Illustrators 29th Annual Call for Entries, and chaired 35 annual exhibitions.

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