Fernando Pascual LÓPEZ ✿ Part.2

'Verrano i giorni...
che respirerò
il tuo corpo
in una culla
di carezze bianche...'

~ Catherine La Rose ~

Fernando Pascual LÓPEZ
1945 Born in Malaga (Spain)
1955 Entered the School of Fine Art in Malaga.
Ends studies with Honours.
1960 Attend the private tuition of master painter Alfonso de la Torre (specialist in the Andalusian countryside and its light).During three years learn the art of painting the landscape from the natural .
1965 Enter the workshop of Pablo García Rizo, a painter specializing in the still life paintings and flowers.
1970 Given his admiration for the master of s. XIX and painting works.For five years works copying from the natural in the museums of Malaga, Cordoba, Seville, Granada.
1980 The erudite and writer on topics related with Spanish horses ,Juan Carlos Altamirano, suggest him to paint pictures with topics of Carthusian horse.
He promotes the paintings in South America and among the livestock farmers.
1985 Durig five years paints exclusively for the Art Gallery “Cartel”(Málaga).
Its director, Manuel Ortega Arteaga, promotes the works in the U.S.A. performing several exibitions.

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