Victoria SELBACH ✿

'Se non fosse
per la maledetta voglia
di averti
non starei qui
a chattare con il buio...'

~ Catherine La Rose© ~
tratto da "La Venere laguna del gondoliere"

Victoria Selbach was born in Pittsburgh. Is a woman realist painter.
I am captivated and drawn to the human form, the glow and spirit that comes
from within. To capture this on larger than life canvases, feels to me, as an
intimate and sensual merging of empathy and paint. The human presence
stripped bare of pretense and accouterments is simply alive, revealing a deeply
personal identity, present in the light of one unique moment.
Although the mind is tuned to see the woman first and drawn to the human form, the impact of the underlaying abstraction, created by the light, fights for dominance. As the light moves through the painting, partially revealing what is
present, the paradigm shifts towards the stark geometry of light and dark that
creates the architecture of the piece.
The subject is revealed as the light weaves through the figure, brushing against
surfaces, announcing volume, creating depth and illuminating the emotion
beneath the surface. I am particularly fascinated where clarity collides with
shadow and recedes into darkness. The light reveals the beauty that is clearly
there while the shadows mask in mystery all that is present yet just beyond our
sight and current understanding.

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