Cuong NGUYEN ✿

Ci sono parole
parole che
non vogliono esprimere
l'esatta distanza tra noi...

~ Catherine La Rose©2019 ~
Tratto da un'inedita "Respiro"

Cuong Nguyen is an internationally renowned Figurative artist who will share his distinctive pastel portrait techniques
Trained to be a traditional portraitist at the age of 10 in his native Vietnam, Cuong Nguyen has always had a passion for drawing human faces. His paintings depend on the dramatic portrayal of light,shadow and environment to create a mood and sense of realism. He believes that a successful painting requires that he establish an emotional connection with his subject, so that the viewer in turn connects at an emotional level with his work. Cuong has been invited to teach in throughout the U.S. and outsider The country,including opportunités in Mexico, China and Costa Rica. He has won a number of awards for his paintings, including the Prix de Pastel at the 2011 IAPS Master Circle Exhibition and The Pastel Journal Grang Prize Award in the 2010 Pastel 100. Cuong is a Distinguished Pastelist in the Pastel Society of the West Coast, a Master Pastelist in the Pastel Society of America, and a member of the IAPS Master Circle.

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