Francisco RIBERA GOMEZ (1907-1990) ✿

Francisco Ribera Gómez was a Spanish painter, best known for his portraits and prints of women. His subjects were often in varying degrees of undress and frequently produced for commercial consumption. Born in 1907 in Madrid, Spain, Gómez worked in his father's studio until attending the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts. By 1928, he was exhibiting work in his hometown. Following his artistic success, Gómez turned his sights towards the commercial arts. Over the years, he produced posters, illustrations, and advertisements for institutions and events, such as the 1933 International Fair in Barcelona. Later in his career, Gómez chaired the Barcelona School of Fine Arts, continuing to gain regional acclaim and attention. Before his death in Barcelona in 1990, Gómez received a Parisian Arts, Sciences, and Letters gold medal in 1968, as well as the title of Knight by the Order of the Republic of Italy in 1973.

Temo il buio
che la notte abusi
del mio silenzio
temo rimanere spoglia
del riflesso
della tua voce...

~ Catherine La Rose© ~

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