Albert RITZBERGER (1853-1915) ✿

Albert RITZBERGER (1853-1915) Austrian painter, born in 1853 as the son of a teacher in Pfaffstätt near Mattighofen. Attended the secondary school in Ried and finished middle school in Salzburg. After training as a teacher, he worked in Lohnsburg and Höhnhart.

His artistic career began when he caught the attention of the public through an exhibition of chalk portraits in Linz. A scholarship enabled the 26-year-old to study at the Vienna School of Arts and Crafts and at the Academy of Fine Arts. In 1879 he retired from teaching, five years later he founded his own studio in Vienna, went to Munich in 1887 and returned to Austria in the fall of 1890.

He initially created large-format oil paintings with classical or allegorical content, then genre images from rural and bourgeois milieu, portraits, landscape studies and in the last years of his life, large-format, figural compositions of literary and religious content emerged.

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