Ton Dubbeldam (Dutch, b. 1957) creates original oil paintings and mixed media pieces that are breathtaking sights to behold, appearing photographic and clear from afar, but impressionistic up close. Inspired by artists like Monet and Seurat, Dubbeldam’s use of pointillism and paint dripping allows him to include an immense range of bold, bright colors into his paintings that harmonize together to create sublime landscapes. Expertly using light and shadow, he is able to create a luminous quality to the atmosphere of each piece, and the use of unconventionally high or low horizon lines create unique views that always leave the viewer with something more than just a simple landscape.

Ton Dubbeldam was born in Holland in 1957 into an artistic family. His grandfather was a painter and his father a musician, both helping to contribute to his creative future.
He graduated from the Academy Minerva in 1978 and then again in 1983 with degrees in painting, drawing, and art education. Though Dubbeldam studied to become an art teacher, he decided to start painting full time when his artwork began selling successfully throughout Europe.
Highly sought after, the work of Ton Dubbledam is showcased in galleries and private collections throughout the world.

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