Alfred CHENEY JOHNSTON e Catherine La Rose

Prendimi come un sogno
portami via da qui
fammi scorrere libera
lungo la via del cuore
svegliami nuova
come carezza straniera
scuotimi senza peccato
nella risacca del fiato
sbatti le mie ciglia
sui brillanti del sole
e orbitami...
lanciami poi confusa nel vento
e tra il polline e il muschio
inebriami d'Amore...'

~ Catherine La Rose© ~
tratto da "E...fuori piove"
Photography - Alfred CHENEY JOHNSTON (1884-1971) ~ Ziegfeld Follies

Il viandante viaggio ~ Catherine La Rose

Senza guardare indietro
metto sul passato una pietra
labbra ruvide 
a dimenticare...

Anna VINOGRADOVA ~ flowers ✿


LIN CHIN-HSIEN 林欽賢 Born in Yilan in 1968 and graduated from Taiwan Normal University Department of Fine Arts for graduate school in the Western painting group.  Currently, he is an associate professor at the National Taichung University of Education Fine Arts Department.  For numerous years, he has dedicated himself into studying art education and the creation of painting.  He excels at current events, history and the drawing of characters on canvas.  Using realism techniques and rather controversial topics, he creates a space for people to run their imaginary thoughts.  The painting also reveals the concern of the artist towards our environment and history.  Through the meditation process of creation, he discovers his self worth and value of existence in today’s society.


Gennady Alekhnovich was born in Pskov region, Russia.
Study private practice France
Exhibition: Russia, Ukraine, France, Switzerland

Yang Chuan Lin ✿

Yang Chuan Lin (杨传林), was born in 1985 in Xuancheng in the Chinese province of Anhui. He has always been very fond of fine art painting - especially oil painting.

In 2009, he arrives in Beijing in order to follow the master artists to learn from the best. Today, Yang Chuan Lin makes his living from being a professional artist working from his atelier in Beijing.


Ton Dubbeldam (Dutch, b. 1957) creates original oil paintings and mixed media pieces that are breathtaking sights to behold, appearing photographic and clear from afar, but impressionistic up close. Inspired by artists like Monet and Seurat, Dubbeldam’s use of pointillism and paint dripping allows him to include an immense range of bold, bright colors into his paintings that harmonize together to create sublime landscapes. Expertly using light and shadow, he is able to create a luminous quality to the atmosphere of each piece, and the use of unconventionally high or low horizon lines create unique views that always leave the viewer with something more than just a simple landscape.

Carrie VIELLE ✿

Canadian painter Carrie Vielle has both a Masters and BA from Eastern Washington University in arts. She has been a professor in Florence, Italy, held hands with David, and is currently working on the torso as an expression of her view of art in the world. Carrie grew up in Victoria, B.C., in a family and community immersed in the arts. Her family members include fine artists, photographers/film makers, theater and film actors, writers, jazz and rock musicians and composers, all of whom enriched Carrie’s art education.


Antonio Sgarbossa was born in Fontana Viva, Italy, the 18th of July 1945. He started to use oil colors when he was really young and a few time later, his parents decided to send him to study in a workshop the technique of painting pot dishes.

Mher EVOYAN ~ living shoes ✿

Mher EVOYAN, Armenian Artist
I was born in 1979 in one of the most historical places of the world, Armenia, Vanadzor. Currently I live and work in the capital of Armenia, Yerevan. I have my Studio and have made my best artworks there. I want to tell about the concept of my work , of my paintings. Intentions can be very different... To be honest it is impossible to describe them... Of course, it is obvious- and the natural way of expression... But even with all of this it is not a less important fact, which gives an opportunity to approach, come close, to feel and to some extent try to understand, to penetrate into the subconscious.... which, in my opinion, gives us a lot and at the same time much more hides..... Apparently, everything has its time. I would like to talk about the most important and dramatic events, and of course about memories of growing up, that mostly influenced my artwork. My childhood had crucial impact on my development.