Ethel GABAIN (1883-1950) ✿

Con il cuore tra le mani
ed un battito secco
tra le labbra...

Attimi sospesi

su una poetica culla
di rimembranze...

~ Catherine La Rose©2018 ~
da "Rimembranze"

Gabain and Copley printing at Hampstead
Ethel Léontine Gabain (1883-1950) was a French-English artist. Gabain was a renowned painter and lithographer and among the founding members of the Senefelder Club. She was the wife of the print maker John Copley and the mother of actor Peter Copley, and was also known by her married name of Ethel Copley. While she was known for her oil portraits of actresses, Gabain was one of the few artists of her time able to live on the sale of her lithographs. She also did etchings, dry-points, as well as some posters. In 1939 Gabain had become seriously ill and although she recovered somewhat, her health remained poor. Subsequently she suffered from arthritis and also lost a kidney, but continued to paint and exhibit until her final months. Gabain died on 30 January 1950 at her home in London. After her death her husband, John, organized a memorial exhibition of her paintings and lithographs at the Royal Society of British Artists, Suffolk Street, London.

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