✿ Kamil ASLANGER ~ The Ottoman Empire

Kamil Aslanger is a Turkish artist who was born in 1949. Kamil Aslanger has had several gallery and museum exhibitions, including at the Doku Art Gallery - Istanbul.
Kamil Aslanger graduated from Selimiye Military High School and Kuleli Military High School in 1969 and graduated from Kara Harb School and retired after completing his mandatory service period as a gendarme officer in 1979. After his retirement, Aslanger devoted his entire time to painting studies and research. He is an autodidact artist. The painter who chooses the whole of his subjects from Istanbul has been studying orientalism mainly over the last fifteen years and collects the sections of social life of Ottoman Istanbul over the past five hundred years under the name of Orientalism and Istanbul Series with lost cultural values and tables.

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