✿ Andy LIOYD

Andy Lloyd English painter, 1956

I've been painting for about 25 years, and am self-taught. My speciality is creating a shallow depth of field effect on canvas. This creates depth to the painting by varying the degree of focus throughout the painting. That said, my style is not photorealistic. It instead aims to combine accurate detail with a certain degree of personal expression.  I hope to produce a style that is immediately recognisable.
My work is usually in acrylics painted onto canvas.  On rare occasions I work with watercolours.  I specialise in figurative realism, but also paint landscapes, townscapes and wildlife scenes. I am the Chairman of the 'Art in the Park' exhibition in Cheltenham, and the webmaster of  I am also a published novelist and science writer, and have appeared on television, radio and in numerous magazines.

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