Hans Laagland  born in Koersel (Belgium) in 1965, Hans Laagland was trained throughout his childhood by his father, the professional fine art painter Ludo Laagland. At the age of ten, Hans completed his first oil painting and two years later his first solo exhibition was a fact. At fifteen, Hans developed a fascination with Rubens and set out to improve his artistic skills by studying and mastering Ruben’s works and techniques in the neighbouring city of Antwerp. That was the beginning of Laagland’s emphasis on traditional craftsmanship, recreating historical materials like the lead white used by Rembrandt and the vermillion red of Rubens. Today Hans continues to paint on wooden panels using the authentic oils and paints he, himself creates.
Emphasis on craftsmanship is also evident in his outspoken ideas on the artistic process. Hans believes that in order to create an ‘authentic’ work of art, the artist’s personal interpretation is crucial: hence, no photography or two-dimensional items should be utilised, only the artist’s immediate and individual take on reality.
A solid base drawing is indispensable and the art of drawing should be mastered properly first, for it is both the point of departure and the foundation the artwork rests upon.

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