Agnieszka WENCKA ✿

"Il silenzio ha un imperfezione, la melodia del pensiero."

~ Catherine La Rose©2018 ~

Agnieszka Wencka, 1978 is a Polish artist specializing in oil painting.
Using traditional techniques and current styles, much of Agnieszka's work revolves around contrasts.
"In my work I like the combination of reality with unreal forms that include the juxtaposition of delicate, precise elements and dynamic areas."
"In each painting, I try to include certain asymmetry, lack of balance, emotions and contrast of unified surfaces and a multitude of unreal elements, underestimations, fog and vigor combined with a subtle precision.
At the moment of painting, not only fascinates me the result, but also the process itself; the traditionalism of oil painting, with all its "alchemy", the texture of the painting on the canvas, and the unexpected results that come out of individual blows, is something that I love. "

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