Tan Wei Kheng is Malaysian Artist

Tan Wei Kheng is Malaysian Artist (b. 1970, Sarawak, Malaysia) is a self-taught artist from Marudi, Sarawak. Originally a ceramist for a commercial outlet producing touristic objects, Wei Kheng became drawn to the stories, symbolism and traditional knowledge of Sarawak’s interior peoples.
Specializes in portraiture of people from ethnic tribes who live in the interior of Sarawak Malaysia.He uses media includes Acrylic, Pastels, Pencil, Oil and Watercolour
Wei Kheng travels regularly into the dense interior of Sarawak where he spends time with friends from the tribes of the Orang Ulu (People of the Interior) such as the Kayan, Kenyah, Penan, Kelabit and Iban. His paintings depict them, their stories and concerns.


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