Ai Xuan -艾軒  is a painter of the Beijing Art Academy and a member of the Chinese Artists' Association.
Born 1947 in Zhejiang,  China. Another name id Ai Guigui, graduated from the Central Fine Arts Institute Attached Middle School in 1967, presently is Beijing Art Academy's specialty painter. From 1967 to 1973, he worked as a labor in Xiheying of Heibei Province. In 1973 he was assigned to be a creator in the culture department of Chengdu Military region. Since 1980, Ai Xuan work has attended the national art exhibition many times, won an award at the 1981 2nd session of national youth art exhibition. He participated in the 2nd session of Asian fine arts in Japan, the 18th session of international fine arts in Paris in 1986, and received honors from both. He went to US in 1987 to hold a solo exhibition and to study and he stayed there for one year. During his stay in the States, he held solo exhibitions; His paintings were sold in the auction sales for restoring the Great Wall and Venice, sponsored by the Sothebys. His works deeply attains the high praise; commentaries appeared in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Christianity word newspaper and the Art News magazine. Art News called described him as "a rising star", "United Press International" also made the correlation report. He also met famous American artist Mr. Andrew Wise.
In 1998, he returned to Beijing, his works besides collected by the Chinese art museum, also collected by private collectors and museums in US, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Germany, Canada and Japan.

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