✿ Duong Quoc Dinh ~ Body painting and Photography

Non dire tutto ciò che sai; non credere a tutto ciò che ascolti; non fare tutto ciò che puoi. Mantieni dentro di te un giardino segreto.

Don't say everything you know; Don't believe in everything you hear; Don't do everything you can. Keep a secret garden inside you.

~ Alejandro Jodorowsky ~

Duong Quoc Dinh - Dương Quốc Định, 1967 is a Vietnamese painter and also a fine art photographer who is very passionate about drawing and painting. He loved to draw since his childhood. He completed his graduation from Industrial Graphics of Dong Nai Fine Art University in the year 1989. After working as a photographer Duong Quoc won many national and international rewards for his works. It was in the year 2007 that Duong Quoc Dinh was chosen to be one of the 10 excellent artists who were rewarded and much appreciated by Dong Nai People Committee. His work has won many awards including, gold medals and trophies at the 68th International Photographic Salon of Japan; the 61st Hong Kong International Photography Festival; the International Federation of Art Photographers (FIAP) competition; the 7th Giuliano Carrara, and many others held in India, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Argentina, Spain and Italy.

Duong Quoc Says:
"My life is very difficult and only rich with artistic passion since I was a child and now is what you are watching, mostly thanks to those who volunteered to model for me!I just hope the work I do for them. In the future when I am no longer in life can help them have a better life ...that's all my gratitude to them instead of thank you all!" - Duong Quoc Dinh said.

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  1. Es admirable la obra fotográfica i pictórica del maestro Duong Quoc Dinh, El trabajo minucioso y preciso se conjugan en uno solo, en el que la naturaleza y lo plasmado no se limitan en nada, es decir, son parte de lo que el artista quiso obtener. Son verdaderas fantasías y mágicas. Muchas Felicidades Maestro.


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