Oh si...
sali dolcemente
le fronde del piacere
afferrami i nodi
la corteccia leccata d'Amore
aggrappiamoci ai fianchi
'in un caschè
annida dentro me
Penetrami ...liricami
tangami l'anima...

~ Catherine La Rose ~
tratto da "A fuego lento"

Portrait /Figure painter, 1974 Award-winning artist, Tina Garrett, paints custom portraiture and figurative work. As a portrait artist, Tina is has earned an Art Renewal Center Associate Living Master.In 2012, based on her self-taught pastel portraiture, the Scottsdale Artists’ School awarded* Tina the first of two merit scholarships and she began working in oil immediately falling in love and hitting the ground running dedicating 5 years to practicing and grasping an understanding of oil painting.

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