Born and raised in Russia in 1968, Costa showed a passion and ability for art from a young age. He was encouraged to continue his development through attendance at an art high school, college and academy. Since graduating in 1993, Costa has been creating and showing his incredible artwork both internationally and locally. Also respected as a commercial artist, Costa resides in Thornhill with his wife and two children.
"Costa has drawn inspiration for his works of art from his broad travels and his abundant life experiences as both a visitor and resident of numerous countries around the world. Born in Russia in 1968, Costa developed his unique brand of art through his extensive schooling at the Art College and the Academy of Arts in Moscow. His passion and talent for art was recognized by Russia's Union of Young Artists when he received the Development of The Year Award in 1997. Through his paintings Costa goes beyond the obvious to uncover the symbolism within the human aspect of daily life. His creativity and style come alive through his works depicting dark and surreal imagery.
"After a certain point you have to refresh the exchange. To step back and take a shower so to speak. After a number of years engaged with the figures in captivity, I happened to see the jumping boy." - Costa Dvorezky

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