Amit BHAR ~ Spiritual Touch ✿

Amit Bhar is a self taught artist and from his childhood he has been inspired by the rustic beauty of rural Bengal. His notebooks at school were regularly filled with sketches and paintings. The clear blue skies, fallen autumn leaves, grazing cattle and the daily life of the village, nestled on the banks of the river Hoogly inspired him. At the age of sixteen while at the Calcutta Govt. Art College, Amit was blessed with the guidance of Shri Paresh Das, a noted artist and gold medallist. Consequently he gained further insights into art under the famous Subal Jana and Niloy Ghosh, who together enriched his style. Amit can capture every subject on his canvas. In a nut shell, his paintings let the viewer to re-examine the threshold between illusion and reality, between waking and dreaming.

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