Hugo Grenville is a leading British Romantic painter whose work stands as a symbol of promise in a world where satire and irony predominate. Like the paintings made by Bonnard and Matisse during the Second World War, none of which allude to the grim reality of daily life, his work is grounded in the need to celebrate life, and to express our sense of existence through the recognition of the transforming power of colour and light.
Through the arrangement of shape, line, pattern and colour the world that is conjured is lyrical, dreamlike and at peace with itself. The still life, landscape and figure paintings do not represent an actual moment in time, but are rather the result of a process of reflection, recollection and reinvention, a distillation of human experience. The flowers in the jug, or the nude on the bed belong not to now, but to all time, just as the abstract elements of colour and light are timeless, and connect us to both the past and the future, to the visible world, and to the invisible.

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