✿ Wendy NG ✿

Wendy Ng was born in Hong Kong, Educated in the United States, Belgium and the United Kingdom. Her heart has always desired to study art. She was also trained in Wimbledon School of Art’s Art and Design. Ng also has a background in advertising and publishing. She paints in the traditional form but takes her ideas further by experimenting with patterns and textures creating a balance between Real-life Art and Abstract Art. Wendy Ng captures beauty and femininity with her female portrait art, and making it more special with her ability to merge the abstract from realism. With emotions captured in every faces of her subjects, she is also able to create a patina of various patterns, which includes a subtle hint of geometrical art, leaves, rose petals, floral ornaments, spheres, pixels, squares, and many other shapes. The way she infuses these media into a luxurious form of portrait art is indeed amazing.

2 commenti:

  1. Um estilo nada clasico, porem neste modernismo, existe a forma clasica e um estilo imaginativo atemporal, os devaneios da pintora e a beleza das modelos move o pensamento constantemente, gerando ideias alem do objeto...
    Genial, como estilo!


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