Ho Ryon LEE 이호련, 1978 ✿

'Sei ardore dentro di me
lingue di fuoco
e mi divampano
Sei mani
sei piedi
sei corpo
e mente rovente
che mi frugano 
come un pazzo...'

~ Catherine La Rose©2010 ~

Ho Ryon lee 이호련 Born 1978 in Korea.lee makes paintings that seems to be inspired by jet lag, giving it a blurred double vision. This South Korea based Artist creates a nice little tease in a dreamy state of mind . The hazy overlapping feel messes with your head resulting in seduction and curiosity. It may feel like one needs to constantly rub his/her eyes while looking at these paintings. The skills required for such paintings and intricate work are simply awe-inspiring and not to forget that this work has been completed only using oil paints.

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