Senol Özdemir ✿

Per la tua carne
mordo polpa
e succo d'Amore
in questo 

facile respiro
a mezz'aria
a mezz'acqua
nel silenzio
placido della notte
mentre ti ho
nel pieno tuo intero
sapore d'estasi

~ Catherine La Rose©2016 ~
Sapore d'estasi

Şenol Özdemir born in Germany in 1970, I am graduated from Anadolu Unv. Education Faculty, Fine Arts Department in 1999. After completing my military service, I started working as an ordinary art teacher in a government middle school. In my spare times, I’ve digitally colored on computer my old drawings about fantastic nudes and underwater mechanic props, and made some vehicle designs. For more than ten years I almost never touched a brush and oil. In that period, I made stereo loudspeakers and wooden rustic furnitures, wrote unfilmed feature scenarios, received patents and busied myself with trivialities… Then, one day, I met with David A. Leffel’s works on the net, and I was struck on his incredible still life paintings with washed Rembrandtian sacred light. That was two years ago. From that time I’ve been working on my still life oil paintings regularly. I also adore the paintings of Rembrandt- Bouguereau- Bocklin, and David Leffel- Richard Schmid. When I'm ready, I’m planing to start figurative scenes on huge canvases. Well, I have to hurry, because my doctor said that only 30-40 years left in front of me.

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