✿ Philippe PARROT (1831-1894) ✿

Che va fuggendo l'Amore
non è tristezza
è solo malinconia
che viene e se ne va
di poesia in poesia
e di dolce cetra elegia

~ Catherine La Rose©2015 ~

Philippe Parrot (1831-1894) is an esteemed painter in France, where he is principally employed by decorative and idyllic subjects. He was born at the village of Excideuil, in the Dordogne, and his early life was a long struggle with poverty. Philippe studied at the Swiss Academy in Paris. He exhibited at the Salon Paris, from 1861 onwards. Museums: Bordeaux (Museum des Beaux-Arts), Paris (Comedie Francaise), Perigueux, Le Bain, Pontoise. He contrived to support himself while studying at the Ecole des Beaux Arts by painting on tea-caddies and cheap fancy boxes for the holiday season, until in 1868 he won at medal at the Salon, when his prospects improved. He was again medalled in 1870 and 1872, and in 1878 won another badge of distinction at the Exposition Universelle. His "Spring" is an excellent example of his sound and conscientious art.

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