Alex Hook Krioutchkov / Художник Александр Крючков was born in Russia in 1966 to a family of a journalist. Recieved Academical Art education (Russia, England). From 1993 lives in London, from 1997 is a member of the Federation of British Artists. The extensive Art training, work experience as a Painter, Illustrator, Graphic Designer allowed him to explore himself, to learn how to see in his own way, to create his style. Whether it's a seascape, nude or some "oriental motive" - his "search for Beauty" is visible and his brushstrokes are recognisible. From 2000 --he lives and works in Mallorca, Spain. Travelling and painting experience in the countries of ancient civilisations like India, Nepal, Egypt, Turkey, approaching to their colourful exotic cultures enspired the Artist for the number of "oriental" canvases. Alex Hook's paintings have been exhibited frequently in Spain, England, and the United States.
Alex Hooks paintings can be found in galleries and private collections worldwide.

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