Paul KRAPF ✿

Adulo boschiva
al passo
di caccia segreta
nel solitario tormento
d'Artemide pensiero...

~ Catherine La Rose© ~
tratto da "Identità segreta"

Paul Krapf was born in Western Pennsylvania in 1927. He cannot remember when he didn't draw and try to make things look real. He began painting in oil at age ten. He had a fine art teacher in High school and went to Art Institute of Pittsburgh (1946-48). He had an excellent instructor there, Angelo DiVincenzo, from whom he learned more than from any other person.
He worked as an Electrical Designer for over 30 years while raising a family, painting mainly in his spare time. He quit his job at NASA in 1980 to become a full time artist, with the support of his wife, Fonda.
The move was made from Ohio to Montana in 1981, where the house and studio was built along the Yellowstone River 11 miles north of Yellowstone Park, where the scenery and wildlife added to his varied painting subject matter.

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