Christina PAPAGIANNI ✿

"Certi canti e sospiri d'Amore, hanno bisogno di tacere, di riposare finalmente la parola, nel silenzio di un bacio."
~ Catherine La Rose ~

Christina Papagianni is an amazing artist from Greece who created incredible realistic portrait drawings using Derwent watercolor pencils .I was born in Athens, where I live and work up to now. The time I spend on my art is precious and beloved and my work at it has become a big part of me. I always try through my art to ascribe emotions up to a unique approach, mine. I use mostly pencils, but I have also used oils, acrylics, pastels and watercolors. I try and look forward to touch my own version of perfection, and this is something that only time can tell. ~ Christina Papagianni 

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