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'E rimasi sola
all'anima mia...'

~ Catherine La Rose© ~

Marina Marina - Марина Марина russian figurative artist, was born in 1970 in a small city called Tambov, in rural Russia. She started playing piano at a very early age and was accepted in a special school for musically gifted children at age seven.

After graduating from the musical school at age 17, Marina went to work in order to earn a little money to continue her musical and general education in a collage. She was hired by a nearby factory as an assistant to the graphic designer at the advertising department. And here quite sudden to herself Marina found out that she is a very talented designer and fine artist.
In 2001 and 2005 Marina was selected to represent her region on the All-Russia fin art show "Best Young Talent" in the Central Palace of Art in Moscow, Russia.
In 2009 Marina took part in an exhibition "Artists of Russia to Watch" and was elected "The Artist to Watch" of 2009. Her "Nude" was made the face of the new "Portal Nu" of the Russian art on Internet and acquired by the Fine Art Museum of her native city Kostroma.

As a result of this success in 2010 she was approached by representatives of Christie's Auctions of London. Her work now successfully sold on Christie's and in St Petersburg's galleries. She and her family moved to St Petersburg, Russia and reside there now.
Marina is married to a fellow artist Aydemir Saidov, and has an 18-years old daughter.

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