✿ John HUNN ✿

'A volte
ci si ama
altre volte
ci si detesta
sempre d'accordo però
a conciliare riflessioni...'

~ Catherine La Rose©2015 ~
   ( Aforisma)

My most recent work is about exploring emotional space as well as focusing on the dichotomy of the icon in modern culture. It seems to remain constant and at the same time changes according to culture and tradition. It's this blending of ancient religious icons with a modern culture that seems to provoke thoughts about consumerism and our own obsession with creating modern icons and idols. 
~ John Joseph Hunn ~

John Joseph Hunn, born in Saint Louis in 1949, artist and instructor living and working in Saint Louis Missouri USA, education, Fontbonne University BFA 1986 and Fontbonne University MFA 2000. TEACHING: 2004-2006 St. Louis Community College at Meramec 2006-Present Webster University 2004-2006 St. Louis Community College at Floressant Valley
1999-2000 Fontbonne University.

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