✿ Allamurat MUHAMMADOV ✿

Allamurat Muhammadov is one of those few distinguished artists of Turkmenistan who enjoys enviable international fame and respect for his meritorious artworks.
Several of masterpieces adorn the state museum of Turkmenistan, the East Museum, the Tretiakov Gallery and the Gallery of Modern Arts in Moscow and the Gallery of Bernard Fill. The elusive quality in his work also appealed a wide spectrum of collectors in Turkey, Germany, the USA, Poland and several other countries who have proudly preserved his works in their homes and private galleries. Allamurat excels in oil and water colours, graphic art and pastel. His artworks denote the versatility of his craftsmanship in all his base mediums, makes him exalted and give him an edge over his contemporaries in the field. The Turkmen prodigy was born at Kizil-Arvat city, situated in the Balkan region of Turkmenistan, on February 6, 1951. After completing his early education, Allamurat Muhammadov joined the Turkmenistan State College of Arts in 1968 and graduated in 1974. He also worked in international creative groups in Poland (1987 - -88) and at Cite International Des Arts (international city of arts) in France (1991). He paints rapidly, mixing paints and styles with energetic force, creating textures impossible to produce by painting alone. He displays a number of interesting effects skillfully, at times painting over worked surface. He plays with form, sometimes large figures dominating the surface while at others suggestions of form are barely visible. He has always explored the range and shape of his art, which makes some of his works imaginative and at times abstract. That's the reason some of his masterpieces bear unmatched quality of colour selection, texture and translucence. Thus his works, whether executed in oils or water colours, graphic art or pastel, all presents a beautiful array of high standards of creativity, splendour and his own sensitivities towards life, nature and his country's peculiar environment. Since 1975, he has remained an active participantin Turkmen Republic All Union (Soviet Union) and foreign exhibitions. So far he has participated in exhibitions in several countries including former Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Japan, the United States, Norway, Poland, Algeria, Turkey, Syria, Bangladesh and Pakistan, besides collective exhibitions in Japan, Poland, Turkey and his own country.

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