✿ Tair ZAIROV ✿

'Mentre le chiome
in frastuono
risonanti di gemiti echi
luculliano l'aria
di glicini banchetti
a baccanti farfalle...'
~ Catherine La Rose© ~

tratto da "Danza vento danza"

'Intime trasparenze
danzano nel vento
aleggiando forme di libertà...'

~ Catherine La Rose© ~

Tair ZAIROV was born in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan (RSS Uzbeka), in 1959. His father had a shop in which he sold fabrics, among other things. His mother was head-nurse in the local hospital. Tair remembers having a happy childhood with his sister and brother.
As a six-, seven year old in school Tair Zairov spent most of his time drawing with pencil. His outstanding gift didn’t go unnoticed. At a young age he was transferred to a special school for the talented children in Tashkent. His most important teacher there was Mahmud Achmedov.
At eighteen he moved on to Tashkent’s art academy. This academy is one of three branches of the Repin academy in St. Petersburg. There he studied classical academic painting until he was twenty-seven. Six hours a day, six days a week at least.
His most important and influential teacher there was professor Rachim Achmedov. Two other teachers who contributed largely to his education were, as to composition, Vladimir Burmakin and Bahodir Djalalov. Before his time at the Repin academy Tair Zairov was mostly inspired by the Russian impressionists Repin and Surikoff. Also known as “peredwishnik” (new way/ avantgardists).
In his first year at the academy the surrealists, Salvador Dali foremost, were his main source of inspiration. His also looked for inspiring examples among the American painters of the 1960’s and 1970’s.
Tair Zairov has mastered the art of classical academic painting at the Repin academy. Seemingly effortless anything he paint gets a perfect  expression of matter. His rendering of light and dark flow from most subtle, dreamy and crystal clear to deep, dramatic and melancholy dark. His brushstroke adds intense liveliness to any subject. So much so that one almost immediately forgets one is looking at a painting. Together with his romantic sense of colour this makes for a very intense experience of beauty and wonder.
Tair Zairov has had exhibitions all over the world. Of course in Uzbekistan and Russia, also in recent years. He has had exhibitions in America, Japan, New Zealand and South Africa. In Europe he mostly had exhibitions in Paris and in several places in Germany. And naturally in many galleries in The Netherlands.

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  1. Piekne obrazy! Kobiece cialo zawsze bylo odwieczna i wspaniala inspiracja dla artystow: malarzy, pisarzy,fotogarfow, muzykow.... Pozdrawiam serdecznie:)


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