✿ Alexandre-Jean DUBOIS DRAHONET (1791-1834) ✿

'I capelli
fan d'armonico sipario
mentre sanguino
e mi sciupo con te
negli occhi muti
ancora troppo lontano
per noi...'

~ Catherine La Rose© ~

Alexandre-Jean DUBOIS-DRAHONET (b. 1791, Paris, d. 1834, Versailles)
 French painter. Born and raised in Paris, Alexandre Dubois-Drahonet was a student and disciple of Neo-classical French master, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres and first exhibited at the Salon in 1822. The young artist painted the future Queen of England (Queen Victoria) when a girl, commissioned by William IV in 1832 as part of a much larger commission of some ninety portraits of officers and soldiers in uniform (now in the Royal Collection, Windsor). It was part of the commission to paint a series of pictures illustrating recent changes in the uniforms and weapons of the British Army. The artist also worked for Charles X, painting a portrait of his grandson, Henri, duke of Bordeaux (now in the Musée des Beaux-Arts, Bordeaux) and also worked for Louis-Philippe when duke of Orléans and after his accession.

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