✿ Martin ARNOLD ✿

'Prendimi come un sogno
portami via da qui
fammi scorrere libera
lungo la via del cuore
svegliami nuova
come carezza straniera...'

 'Take me as a dream
take me away from here
let me flow freely
along the path of the heart
Wake me new
as foreign caress ... '

~ Catherine La Rose© ~
'Ogni sera ti catturo...
consumo gli ultimi istanti
tra la gola ed il celato pianto
Ogni sera ti chiedo
prendi una lacrima e
rimandala al fato se puoi..
Non ricordo se mai l'ho desiderata prima...'

Tratto da "Tutto tornerà come prima" di
~ Catherine La Rose ~

'Every night I catch you ...
consumption of the final moments
between the throat and the tears hidden
Every night I ask you
Take a tear and
bring it back to fate if you can ..
I do not remember if I ever want before ... '

Taken from "Everything will be as before" by ~ Catherine La Rose© ~

Born near Detroit, Michigan in 1947, Martin Arnold early on demonstrated a fascination for drawing and painting. Even before entering kindergarten he remembers tackling such issues as linear perspective and animal portraiture. It was not until his freshman year in college however, that he enrolled in his first formal art courses. For a time, he vacillated between the fine arts and engineering curriculums. His pragmatic side eventually won out and the ensuing thirty-seven years were spent designing automation machinery. Ultimately though, he returned to his first love, art, and in 2009, graduated cum laude from Mississippi University for Women in Columbus, Mississippi with a BFA in Art Education. Predictably, his innate fascination with people intersected with his love of art and culminated in work centered almost exclusively on the human figure. After graduating from MUW, he entered the University of Mississippi in pursuit of an MFA in Studio Arts with an emphasis in painting. During both his undergraduate and graduate years, Arnold's work was frequently recognized with awards in regional, national and international competitions. The hands-on, intensive curriculum at 'Ole Miss' reflects in his figural paintings as they explore various facets of our human condition.
Martin has so accurately captured his subject’s unique personality and energy, that the gaze goes both ways. “ I want viewers to sense that my subjects are not only keenly aware of their gaze, but reciprocate their curiosity and scrutiny.”

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