Burton SILVERMAN (born 1928) is an American painter. A 1949 graduate of Columbia University, Silverman's work has concentrated on, as he put it, "the landscape of the human face." As a portrait artist, he has completed commissions for hundreds of noteworthy patrons. Commercially, his work has appeared in Time Magazine and The New Yorker as well as the cover art for the rock album Aqualung by Jethro Tull. Working in watercolor, oil on linen, or pastel, Silverman's style is contemporary American realism. His technique in any media seems to evoke textile-like textures on the surface of the work. His work has been included in numerous gallery exhibitions, including over 30 solo New York, Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco, Washington DC and Taos NM.He has appeared in close to 40 national and international exhibitions including the National Portrait Gallery, the National Academy of Design Annual, the Mexico City Museum of Art, the Royal Academy of Art in London and the Butler Midyear Annual. He has won 32 major prizes and awards from some of these annual exhibitions.

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