Cherylene DYER ✿

 ' Il manicomio è nella mia mente...
Non sarà un quieto vivere,
ma pur sempre meglio di un monotono sensato pensiero di questa massa in galera quotidiana...'
~ Catherine La Rose©2014 ~

'Non forzo l'Amore, non stringo denaro, neanche passo le ore seduta a chiedermi i perché, sono mobile ruga al movimento, importo vita nel mio tempo...' ~ Catherine La Rose©2014 ~

Cherylene DYER Figurative Artist born in 1973
Since graduating from Glasgow School of Art (1998) with a BA honours in drawing and Painting, I have lived and worked in Glasgow, recently acquiring a wasp studio at the Briggait. I work primarily in oil paint, incorporating old techniques like glazing and scumbling, with less time consuming techniques like painting wet on wet.
My work is concerned with the complexities of human nature, our hopes, dreams, beliefs, desires, temptations and weaknesses. Although I'm a figurative artist I shy away from the intimacy of portraiture. Rather I concentrate on using my figures not to represent the individual, but rather humanity as a whole. Despite this my work still retains an intimacy, which is heightened by chiaroscuro, glazing and scumbling and the unusual figure compositions I use.

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