Maria KREYN ✿

'Io ti chiedevo solo un po' d'Amore
di accarezzarmi i petali
nel tremolio del vento
come eravamo un tempo...'

~ Catherine La Rose©2013 ~
tratto da un'inedita " Io chiedevo solo un po' d'Amore "

  Russian-born painter Maria Kreyn focuses primarily on the figure – on gesture, light, sensuality of skin, intimate space, and intricacies of the human expression. She emulates old master techniques and textures, to honor the history of painting and the pursuit of beauty. What perhaps originates in the anachronism, or nostalgia of glory gone reveals itself as the utmost relevant: the human and timeless.
 Working now in New York City, Maria is drawing attention as an up and coming addition to the new generation of contemporary figurative painters. Her work combines the rigorous classical tradition of high craftsmanship with compelling and innovative conceptual thinking.
Maria and her family immigrated to the United States in 1989. She received her education at the University of Chicago, studying mathematics and philosophy. The rich cultural intensity of her Russian heritage shines through her paintings and drawings. And her academic background informs not only her paintings, but also her writing on esthetic theory and contemporary art. Notably, her engaging interview with Odd Nerdrum can be found in the recent publication of “Kitsch more than Art”. During the past five years, she has traveled and exhibited extensively throughout the United States and Europe from Terrence Rodgers in Los Angeles, to the National Arts Club in New York City, to Galleri PAN in Oslo.

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