✿ Inam RAJA ✿

'In florescenza di un giglio
pistillo il volo tra le mani
e mentre avanzi siderale
al mio cospetto  
si spalanca il firmamento
librandomi pura
e corteggiante tra le stelle...'

~ Catherine La Rose ~

Inam Raja انعام راجا from Karachi, Pakistan explores female figure highlighting facial expressions, emotions, and various postures of female body. The works are sensual, the lines flowing and connected revealing a sense of connectivity of body with mind. Through texture and lines his works communicate with the viewer. Light effects produce transparency making evident what is hidden beneath paints and lines. These paintings and drawings reach out to the viewer and penetrate in his soul. His canvases communicate with each individual viewer differently. Raja aims at to create a link between his painting and the viewer. He distorts, abstracts, gives realistic touches, and amalgamates expressionism, impressionism and traditional with textural effects on his canvases. He treats nude body as a sensual and aesthetically expressive entity.

2 commenti:

  1. Great work exploring the femle figure in a new way. Colors, textures and compositions are marvelous. Really amazing.


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