The beauty of watercolor painting lies in the white of the paper, the lightness, the movement, the transparency, the vibrant colors. I paint from nature and I bow before the beauty and the forces of the Nature and the simple, ordinary things around us. I try to catch the spirit of each material and to touch the thing beyond reality.
~ Atanas Matsoureff ~

Atanas Matsoureff is a realistic watercolor artist from Bulgaria. He is a master in watercolor painting and loves to experiment with colors. According to him, the beauty of painting lies in lightness, the white color of paper and use of rich colors in a perfect manner. He paints from the elements of nature and the artist finds beauty in simple things around him. Atanas Matsoureff is known for amazing range of watercolor landscape paintings and still life works. Each of his painting is crafted in a unique by blending right colors and light techniques. The rock painting, watercolor painting of tree, fish, chair, landscape etc are amazing in a unique manner.

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