Émile FRIANT (1863–1932) ✿

'Ci cingemmo d'ombre
e di sguardi complici
e nella totalità 
ci avvolse le mani
il pensiero d'Amore...'

~ Catherine La Rose ~

Atelier de Émile Friant vers 1887
Émile Friant was born in Dieuze from 1863 . After Franc-Prussian War and the annexation of Alsace-Lorraine to German Empire in 1871, its family moves to the city of Nancy where they settle. There attends the school Loritz before being admitted in the School of Beautiful Arts of Nancy, in whose halls it exhibits its works from the age of 15 years.
Their exhibitions in the halls the school of beautiful arts soon were observed and the artist sees itself compensating by a stock market of studies in the school of beautiful arts of Paris, frequents to the painter Alexandre Cabanel there of which she becomes disciple.
Emile Friant is compensated by the second Prize of Rome in 1883 by its work ( Edipe maudissant is fils Polynice ). In 1889 in the occasion of the universal exhibition receives the medal of another one by its painting the Toussaint, its future this insured and their work finally recognized, as of this moment engargos of pictures would begin to him to arrive from different parts from the world.
Friant is a painter naturalistic, pertaining to the artistic current of École de Nancy, although their painting not this fitted in the style Art Nouveau, their paintings concentrates in scenes of the daily life or pictures to which their family and friendly served to him as models.
In the age its style was judged as too realistic and indeed the realism of the painting of Friant is very near the photography and the new technologies that got passionate to him.
Besides painting, Friant gives classes in the national school of beautiful arts of Nancy.
1923 becomes member of the academy of Beautiful Arts and in 1931 was decorated with Legion of Honor, passes away in Paris the 9 of June of 1932, shortly after was buried in its dear Nancy in Cemetery of Préville.

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