Tae PARK ✿

'A volte...
resto a guardarti per ore
occhi azzurri mare
a giocare nei miei
senza poterti toccare...'

~ Catherine La Rose ~

'E dimmi una volta...
che m'ami...
dimmelo sincero
senza una piega di voce
fallo scivolare
scivolare sinuoso
tra i capelli dolcemente
penetrarmi di linfa
fino al midollo
poi dimorare in un brivido
tra le curve della carne
nella dinamica dei sensi
la tua voce invadermi
come fossi già mio
come se già
parte nobile
del mio respiro...'

~ Catherine La Rose©2012 ~
"Tae Park was born in South Korea and grew up in Kyoung Ju City.
Park holds a BFA in Painting from Sungshin Woman’s University in Seoul Korea and a MFA in Fine Art from Academy of Art University.
Tae Park is an award winning fine artist with over several years of professional exhibiting experience. Park was a First Place Winner at the Portrait Society of America’s International Competition. Other awards include the Fine Art Connoisseur Publisher’s Award of Excellence, Salon International, The Halpert Biennial, Juror’s 2nd Place award, First place at the Beauty of Winter Show, and First Place at the Academy of Art University’s Annual Spring Show for two consecutive years.
Tae Park paints a wide selection of subject matter from the classical figure to mythological nymphs, antiquated bicycles tying the viewer to childhood memories, cityscapes of metropolitan areas worldwide, European street scenes from her many painting trips to historical areas and the simple but elegant still life. Her technique of alternating from saturated pigment to diffused paint application gives each piece a soft focus feel. She has her own distinct style, whether the piece is a 6" x 8" painting of two plums or a 60" x 72" life-size painting of a reclining nude the viewer is aware that each is painted by the same artist. Now, as a painting instructor at her alma mater, she shares her passion for the figure and the portrait with gifted students under her tutelage."

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