✿ Dmitriy Kalyuzhny ✿


Dmitri Kolujni or Dmitriy Kalyuzhny or Dmitri Kalujni born in 1975 in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Dmitriy started his training for professional artist at Kharkiv State College of Art and continued his education at Kharkiv State Academy of Art and Design (KSAAD) where he received his Master Degree under supervision of professor A. A. Khmelnitskiy. Among others studied fresco and mosaic.
Dmitriy was teaching restoration of monumental painting at KSAAD and was a director of the project of the restoration of the wall painting in the Krestovovozdvizhenskoy Church in the town Izume (Ukraine). He also was providing illustrations for the magazine "Ekzo" (Kiev, Ukraine). At present Dmitriy most of his time devotes to painting. Member of the Union of Young Artists of Ukraine. Presently leaves and works in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

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