Douglas HOFMANN ✿

Se solo potessimo...

'I capelli
fan d'armonico sipario
mentre sanguino
e mi sciupo con te
negli occhi muti
ancora troppo lontano
per noi...
Le dita che
accarezzano i giorni spogli
disordinando il tempo
ingannandolo nel sonno
il libero respiro
del nostro unico destino...

Se solo potessimo già...
risvegliarci lì...'

~ Catherine La Rose©2013 ~

Born in Baltimore in 1945, Douglas Hofmann was educated at the Maryland Institute College of Art it was here that he was taught the techniques of the old masters by Joseph Sheppard. He graduated with a bachelor of fine arts degree. It is the combination of the old masters techniques and his own methods that has enabled his work to be critically acclaimed for its softly lighted forms, luxurious detail and glowing surfaces. There is a somewhat Baroque influence to the paintings of Douglas Hofmann through the atmosphere portrayed and wonderful aura of light. Douglas Hofmann creates stunning compositions, perfectly balanced in light and colour and his attention to detail is meticulous. He has received numerous awards for his work including, Best Painting in the Traditional Manner, 1971 at the Baltimore Museum, Best in Show, 1972 Washington County Museum and again in 1973 at the Centre Club in Baltimore.
Douglas Hofmann has exhibited in many one man shows and group shows at a number of prestigious galleries in cities all over American and Japan. Collectors are particularly interested in his lithographs which are the epitome of fine art publishing creating an original print to the very highest standard. Lithographs are the only access to Douglas Hofmann's work due to the rarity of his original paintings.

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