✿ Tsviatko KINCHEV ✿

'Mi perderei...
se ti avessi
in questo
caldo respiro
ed il silenzio
non smetterebbe più
di agitarci le parole mai dette...'

~ Catherine La Rose©2012 ~

'Nulla resta qui
solo tu
tu che...
d'immenso sapore
mi appartieni
in questo riemergere folle
da un abisso incubo di averti...'

~ Catherine La Rose©2012 ~

Tzviatko Kinchev  is born in Sofia, Bulgaria and a very extraordinarily talented man – at least that’s how I perceive his work. He is studying in The National Academy of Arts but at the same time works as a 2D artist in Haemimont Games. You can check out his work and I’m sure you would agree if I will tell you how good he is in using colorful palette of warm colors that almost burn me with passionate desire to create paintings if words were enough.
This contemporary artist bring inspiration to others through the beauty he creates and what most would probably notice – and for the lack of description – he is using palette knife and it shows well execution on the artist’s part. I may be wrong on this though but the texture of the modern painting speaks to me in this sense. In addition, the use of warm colors is particularly exceptional. Despite the fact that his paintings suffered the brunt of people’s criticism – I don’t really care because it is easy to really recognize art when you see one.
I have once heard it from a relative – “there is no right or wrong in art as long as you express your thoughts and feelings with honesty then that’s art right there.” This modern painter has painted simply wonderful and delightful images that could drive others to do the same.
So, art is art no matter how it is done as long as it speaks of honest imagination and creativity that goes beyond what others think. I think his paintings are pieces of beautiful art no matter how he did it.

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