✿ Thomas SALIOT ✿

'E dimmi Amore
dai tuoi occhi
com'è oggi
il cielo...'

~ Catherine La Rose ~

'Di labbra tentavo
e tu...
mi fasciavi la bocca
Di sguardi languidi

cupidi lanciavo
e tu...
mi scioglievi
catene di fuoco...'

~ Catherine La Rose ~

'E resto qui
amata tra le gambe
nel dolce bagnato dell'attesa...'

~ Catherine La Rose ~

Born in 1968, French artist Thomas Saliot
Live in between Marrakech and Paris
Has been painting and travelling for the last 20 years.
He paints amazing figurative oil on canvases with bokeh style in some of his works that have the appealing out of focus effect. Absolutely stunning!
School was Met de penninghen (Esag) in Paris for 3 years
Betwen 1990 and 2000 – had my own gallerie in le Marais In Paris
2000 and 2011 lawrence Arnott in Marrakech and Art generation in Paris
2012 Lawrence Arnott in Marrakech
Zee art in Strasbourg
art generation in paris
Exhibition with Salve art gallery in Leipzig Germany in August

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