'Plani finalmente
sul letto umido di stelle
idilliaco, poetico
come una rondine
in muta di piume
di Narciso splendore
e annidato dentro me
nel ciclone fervore
dirigi la rotta del paradiso...'

 ~ Catherine La Rose ~

Marina Podgaevskaja /Марина Подгаевская
was born in 1963 Saint-Petersburg, Russia, has finished the higher art school in 1983 on a speciality “the designer of an interior”, in 1998 – school-studio on the ancient technics of painting. Has created more than 800 artworks. Many of its works are in private collections of Russia, the USA, countries of Western Europe. Original artworks of the Petersburg artist are stored in the Pulkovsky observatory, the Petersburg university, embassy of Slovakia in Moscow.

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