✿ Valeriy BELENIKIN ✿

'Va' pensiero
sulle ali del cielo
con la testa tra le nuvole
ed una leggerezza tale che...
neanche i sogni
ti sollevano
da terra così...'

~ Catherine La Rose ~

Valeriy Belenikin (Валерий Беленикин) born at Moscow in 1961, is a graduate of the Moscow Academy of Fine Arts named after V. I. Surikov.
The artist's conception of his work is based upon truth and the mystery of this life.He is in awe of all that takes place in this world. Not only human banality, but all that is best in humanity occupy the thoughts of the true artist.
As master of various artistic techniques (murals, frescoes, mosaics) he is easily able to communicate his innermost emotions and feelings.
Valeriy's initial works are housed in public buildings and cultural centers in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vienna and Melbourne. Based on his paintings lectures are currently being delivered at the Institute of Humanitarian Studies, Melbourne University. In addition, his paintings are to be found not only in public foundations,such as: The State House of Lieutenant Governor (USA), ING Bank (Vienna and Paris), the Russian Cultural Center (Moscow),the Gallery Mars (Moscow),but also in many private and corporate collections the world over: Russia, France, Germany, USA, Italy, Japan, Belgium, Argentina, Syria, Australia, Holland, Sweden, Switzerland, Greece, etc.

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  1. We bought a wonderful work at a solo exhibition in the Inter-Continental Hotel in Vienna in 1994, and even after 27 years we are still happy about the purchase.
    Greetings from Ilse & Olaf to our artist Valeriy Belenikin


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