✿ Ralf ARZT ✿

'Ciecamente la notte domina
erotiche fantasie
mentre prigioniera e sedotta
avanzo felina
versando vischiose tracce
in the slow in the night...'

~ Catherine La Rose ~
'Nessun rumore di parole
passi afoni
e morsi liquidi
di neri desideri
..."effetto assenzio della notte"

~ Catherine La Rose ~

Ralf Arzt was born in Stockholm in 1963, and he both lives and works today in Malmö. His paintings have a strong base in the classic modernism, but he also gets inspiration from the old style of painting. He himself calls his style "naivistic inspired realism". He recognizes himself as self studied despite his studies of art in France.
Women make the central part of his motives, and they are often alone, exposed to the audience. Clearness and simplicity are words related to his paintings. He sees himself as a colourist, and he tries to catch the female essence, her soul and body language with his use of colours.
Ralf Arzt have had exhibitions all over Sweden, in Germany and Belgium, and is represented in several art galleries in Sweden and a few other countries.
"For me, art is first of all beauty, something pleasing to look at and enjoy"
Galleri Pingvin is Ralf Arzts representant in Norway.

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