'I miei bagnati silenzi
mi discolpano appena
troppo pendente il lembo che mi sostiene...
Ci vorrebbe un grido oceanico del mare
per assolvere la mia anima...'

tratto da "Il commosso coraggio del mare" di
~ Catherine La Rose ~

Fine artist Joshua Bronaugh was born in Würzburg, Bavaria (Germany) in 1983, and has lived in several places in the United States and Europe since. His oil paintings are fabulous and his subject matter is primarily nudes.
If I lived in a city that was occupied by tanks and gunfire, then my paintings would
probably be political. But I don't. I live in Kentucky, which means that my
surroundings are occupied instead by something else: an ever present, but silent,
profound presence of the American landscape. And because of this, my work is full
with a different kind of politics: the psychology of my life as it exists in this
This landscape is at times luminous, oppressive, lush, or colorless, as it sees fit. But
no matter what form is takes, it sinks into my psyche daily, and I am armed with it,
for better or worse, each time I approach a canvas indoors, each time I notice and
arrange a model, and each time I compose ideas with wide ranging influences.

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