Nenad Mirkovich was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Mirkovich’s desire to express his artistic side led him to begin drawing and painting as a young boy. While working as a portrait painter and magazine illustrator in Yugoslavia, Mirkovich began to receive public acclaim for his gift of artistry.
Early in his career, Mirkovich mastered landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes. Bentley House and Somerset Publishing recognized his talent and signed him to their companies, which catapulted him to recognition throughout the world.
After years of capturing some of the world’s most beautiful and recognized locations on canvas, Mirkovich began a new series of paintings, which involved his love of music. Working mostly at night, he began painting with Jazz or Classical music playing in the room, acting as his muse. This mood helped Mirkovich develop his unique style of depicting Jazz icons and Rock-and-Roll legends using splashes of color to emphasize movement and sound.
Mirkovich’s recent piece features the world-renowned rock legends, The Rolling Stones, in celebration of their 50th anniversary as a group. Mirkovich painted this impressionistic piece, which evokes high energy and spot on characterization of each member and delights the senses with each stroke of his paintbrush.
His work appeals to a range of collectors, from discerning investors to music enthusiasts. Some of his collectors include Rick Perry, Bob Hope (dec.), Mike Ditka, Cal Ripken, George W. Bush just to name a few. His artistic mastery makes him one of the most versatile artists of our generation. Mirkovich now makes his home in Texas.

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