Luiz Gustavo Martins (MARTINSLAND)
The artist's works are inspired by the feminine beauty, the delicacy of
distinctive features.
Living in Brazil, Gustavo Martins uses a color palette inspired by this country
so rich and full of contrasts.
The greatest inspiration is the feeling of the places he has traveeled too and
continues to visit whenever he gets the chance.
The delicate features and strong design, the colors are bright and vivid
Express everything that the artist sees and feels, imagines and ponders.
"The beauty of my works are based mainly on women. A beauty that deserves
great honors pure and sincere.  A true inspiration."
'Degree in fine arts, I work in the area of illustration and participated in some halls of humor.
Later in 2010 I started to focus my work in the arts, where I realized I had more creative freedom than picturing memories from the past that hour mix with the realities today."
Lovely the innocence and matter of fact ways of his characters, and the strong, almost blocky compositions. His use of curtains, windows, walls etc to create the scene and frame is quite classical.

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